FAQ - Frequently asked questions
What are the requirements for Cover?
The Universal Windows Platform version of Cover requires Windows 10.
Previous versions of Cover are still available for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone.
Cover also runs on Windows 8, with limited support for PDF files.
How much is Cover going to cost me?
Downloading and using Cover is free.

With free edition, you can manage up to 25 books. For 3,99€ you can unlock an unlimited library. If you're not sure or don't have that many comic books, you can push the limit to 250 books for 1,49€ (And of course you can always go from 250 books to unlimited for 2,49€).

Cover is a universal app, if you unlock on one platform, it will be unlocked on the others. You just have to use the same Microsoft account on all the devices.
All the paid items are pay-once, lifetime purchases.
Where can I download and/or purchase Cover?
Cover is only available through the Microsoft Store.

If for some reason you can't or won't use the Microsoft Store, then you simply can't use Cover. Sorry :(
Can I use Cover on Android or iOS devices?
No. Cover is only available for Windows.

There is no plan to support other platforms for now.
There are great alternatives on these platforms, we like Perfect Viewer on Android for instance.
I can't purchase the app/restore my purchase/lost my purchase?
First, don't worry, if you purchased anything, it's stored on your Microsoft account and it's not lost. In fact, it's all done by Microsoft and we don't process any payment or store any info related to you or your account. We don't own anything, so we can't lose anything.
Also, you can try to restore your purchase at any time or purchase again, you can't be charged for something you already own, but the app will "realize" you already own it and unlock itself.
Please note that any purchase is done on your Microsoft account, so be sure you're logged in to the Store app with the proper account before you try to purchase or restore, or you may be charged again on a different account (You can still ask MS for a refund though).

Basically, when this issue happens, it means the server license at Microsoft replies that you didn't purchase anything (although you did) and the app will react accordingly. Most of the time these issues are temporary and the license server will behave correctly shortly after, or sometimes after a Windows update.

Please understand that this license server is not ours, so there is nothing we can do about it if it doesn't reply correctly. You can however check that everything is setup correctly on your side:
  • Quit the app (REALLY quit with alt+F4, don't just put it in background), or alternatively restart your device;
  • Make sure you're connected to the internet AND properly connected to the Store app with the correct account (the one you made the purchase with);
  • Restart the app and see if the app is unlocked. If it's not, try to restore your order. If it still does not work, try again after a few hours. Then if still not working, you can try and contact us, we'll try to help if we can (address at the bottom of the page).
It seems Cover can't access my OneDrive/Google Drive/Dropbox anymore ?!
Accessing your cloud storage requires a token that must be updated regularly. Cover is supposed to handle that automatically, but it's possible that for some reason that token has expired and you must obtain a new one.

Here's how you can proceed to fix that issue:
  • Go to the app settings, scroll to the bottom and click the button to disassociate the app from your cloud storage
  • Go to the manage folders screen (where you add/remove folders to the library), and click "Add [your cloud storage] folder"
  • You'll be redirected to the web page to login and authorize the app for your account. Do that.
  • Then you'll be redirect back to the app, which will load the content of your storage. That means Cover has now access again, and your library will use the newly generated token. You can just cancel the add new folder and everything should work as intended now.
Why doesn't Cover show thumbnails for my OneDrive/Dropbox/Google Drive comic books?
Because Cover would have to download your whole library and that'd be very long and kill your bandwidth. Unfortunately that's a design choice and there's no way around it.
You can use folder.jpg though. More information in this blog article.
How do I remove books from the library ?
The recommended way is to just remove the files/folders from the underlying storage, and let Cover sync (or trigger the refresh manually).
However, if the file is located on the device storage, you can also remove it directly from Cover. Select it from a shelf screen, then look for the eye icon in the app bar. You can either hide it (it will stay in the device but won't appear in Cover - You can show hidden files in the app settings), or remove it completely.
Can I specify which book appears on background and thumbnail ?
Yes absolutely. You can select a book in a folder, then click "Use as background" in the app bar. That will use the book as background, and also as thumbnail for the current shelf.
Additionaly, you can put a file named folder.jpg in any folder of your library, and Cover will use it as thumbnail for this folder.

For more information, please read this blog article.
Are there logs somewhere?
Yes! When Cover shows an error or crashes, you may most likely find more information in the error logs. You can find the error logs through the app directly: Go to app Settings > About. There's a button here to open the folder containing the error logs.

If you don't manage to find out what happens by reading the logs, contact us (below) and please include the relevant log entries.
In which language is Cover available?
Cover is available in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Serbian (Cyrillic and Latin), Japanese, Italian, Dutch, German, Chinese, Slovak, Turkish, Polish, Indonesian and Hungarian.

If you'd like to help us translate Cover, just follow this link.
Can I help translating Cover?
Yes! If you'd like to help us translate Cover, just follow this link.
Where can I find the Privacy Policy?
You can find them here.
Where can I find the release notes?
You can find them here.
I purchased Steed and don't find it on your website. Where is it?
We've dropped support for Steed in 2021. You can still download the app from here, but please note that we won't fix or improve the app anymore.